A Doctor Who Podcast by Eric Grissom and Dan Johnson reviewing the classic era.  That’s right, this is the good stuff. Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, Davison, the other Baker, and McCoy.  Maybe even McGann.

Some say they do it because they ran over a magical drifter who cursed them. Others claim the show was willed to them by their long-lost British “Uncle”. Whatever the reason, the one thing you can count on is these two Americans really love Doctor Who. So much so that they’ve taken it on themselves to meet in cyberspace every three weeks for one purpose: talk about the most classic of all the classic Doctor Who stories. 

Since they don't discuss the episode until the tape starts rolling, and in most cases watching them for the first time, the result is a real conversation between two long-time friends who for some reason still record everything on tape. So set your computers to TODWS and join them as they discuss all the regenerations, companions, loveably cheap special effects, and everything in between.

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Eric Grissom

Eric Grissom is a writer whose comic works include Deadhorse, the graphic novel Animals, the science fiction one shot Gregory Suicide, and an all-ages space adventure called Planet Gigantic. He resides in River Plaza, NJ with his wife and three kids.

tumblr: ericgrissom.com | twitter: @egrissom


Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is a web developer living in Jersey City, NJ. He is an avid skier, traveler, bon vivant, raconteur, and enjoys speaking in the third person. He is a science fiction and fantasy nerd since way back, and listens to more podcasts than any reasonable person has time for. Dan is survived by his partner and two dogs; services will be held at the bottom of a Hendrick's bottle.

web: danjnj.com | twitter: @danjnj

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