The Old Doctor Who show is a podcast featuring two champions who have taken it upon ourselves to watch and review the Classic Doctor Who series. We've gone beyond the stream -- and, hopefully, into your hearts.

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Eric Grissom

Eric Grissom is a writer whose comic works include Deadhorse, the graphic novel Animals, the science fiction one shot Gregory Suicide, and an all-ages space adventure called Planet Gigantic. He resides in River Plaza, NJ with his wife and three kids.

tumblr: | twitter: @egrissom


Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is a web developer living in Jersey City, NJ. He is an avid skier, traveler, bon vivant, raconteur, and enjoys speaking in the third person. He is a science fiction and fantasy nerd since way back, and listens to more podcasts than any reasonable person has time for. Dan is survived by his partner and two dogs; services will be held at the bottom of a Hendrick's bottle.

web: | twitter: @danjnj

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